Ministry Update

Jesus is preparing His church for His coming!

There have been many times in history when the manifest presence of God has suddenly been revealed in churches, cities, regions, and even entire nations. These times have had a radical impact upon multitudes of people causing major shifts in morality, beliefs, and even the economic, social, and political directions of societies. We call these powerful interventions and manifestations of the Holy Spirit “awakenings” or “revivals” because multitudes of people suddenly begin to surrender their lives to Jesus in these times of the revelation of the Spirit of God! Everything changes as a result!

We now stand on the threshold of what we believe is going to be the MOST powerful awakening the world has ever witnessed! It will be far greater than all the others God has sent over the centuries. It will be the final fulfillment of what the prophet Joel saw in the days immediately preceding the coming of Jesus when he said,

I will pour out My Spirit on ALL flesh. (Joel 2:28)

This coming awakening before the return of the Lord is going to bring such a revelation of the Lord Jesus that untold millions or even billions of people around the globe are going to be impacted and swept into the Kingdom of God!

The time is now; Believe it!

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