Revival Glory [Download]


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What Leaders Are Saying about Revival Glory….
“I have been blessed by Revival Glory! I found it easy reading,
very informative, challenging, and inspirational. It
deepens one’s devotional walk with Christ and fills one
with faith and anticipation for the soon-coming deluge of
Holy Ghost Revival of both the former and latter rain
Dr. R. E. Anderson
President, School of Bible Theology Seminary
San Jacinto, California

“It is without reservation that I highly recommend this
important book by my friend, Dr. John Shiver. As a revivalist,
I have studied books about revival for over thirty years,
but when I read this one, I was simply blown away. I have
already read it twice and am now reading it for the third
time. It is a must-read for every Christian.”
Dr. Leon van Rooyen
President, Global Ministries and Relief
Tampa, Florida

“Revival Glory is not just another book. It is a mandate from
the Throne of God for this time. John has answered the call
on his life to prepare the Body of Christ for the outpouring
of the greatest revival the world has ever experienced. This
book will give understanding and enable the reader to
define revival thus helping them to pray effectively and
with power the heartfelt prayer of God.”
Richard and Helen Shipp
Prophetic and teaching ministry
Haddenham, England

“Revival Glory is a handbook for every person that is hungry
to see what we have read about, cried, prayed, and
fasted for. John is anointed to enunciate what many have
felt about the coming ‘tsunami’ that has been promised.
Read with caution. You will never be the same!”
Pastors Rick and Terri Smail
City Church
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“John has not written yet another book on the facts and figures
of historical revivals. He has focused more on the factors
that will usher in revival, and what the Church can do
to get ready to encounter, experience, and embrace His coming
glory. This book looks beyond the traditional view that
revivals are short term and looks at the impact of atmospheric
revival on cities, regions, and nations and society in
general. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone
who desires to be a vessel of honor for God’s glory wherever
you are, and to reveal His glory wherever you go.”
Pastors Des and Susan Figueredo
Balham Community Church
London, England

“Revival Glory is not just another book on the history of
revival. Instead, it will stir your heart to see and experience
revival, as well as to clear up many misunderstandings on
this vital subject. John Shiver’s hunger and mandate from
the Lord is very evident and will create a passion in your
heart to see a mighty move of God’s Spirit.”
Pastors Joel and Lynne MacInnes
Elim Pentecostal Church
London, England