The Person of the Holy Spirit [Download]


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“With the dawn of the twenty-first century, we are
eyewitnesses to God doing awesome things on a
world-wide basis that have not been seen in this
magnitude since the days of the early Church. A great
transformation is taking place within the hearts of many
of God’s people and ultimately that change is going to be
reflected in the very composition of the Church of Jesus
Christ itself. If the Lord Jesus doesn’t return within the next
fifty years, “church” as we have known and defined it in the
past will be unrecognizable. These are the days of “new
wine” being poured into “wineskins”, both new and old.
When the Bible speaks of “new wine”, it is a reference to the
Holy Spirit. That process of “new wine” being poured out
can be a good one if the “wineskins” will adapt and change
in order to be prepared to hold the “new wine”. Those that
will embrace change and be willing to adapt will see great
blessing come with the arrival of the “new wine”. But those
who refuse to embrace “the new” will ultimately be broken
and cast aside like so many other “old wineskins” scattered
across the centuries of Church history.”