The Holy Fire of God’s Glory [Download]


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What leaders are saying about The Holy Fire Of His Glory:
John’s dedication and service stands as a model for all Christians everywhere. We
resonate with the same desire and dream that John has, to see with our eyes what we
have beheld in our spirits for so long…Heaven to come down and kiss the earth again.
John brings revival to life by providing a compelling and unforgettable narrative that
will provoke you to examine the depths of your faith and encourage you to reaffirm your
life and commitment to Jesus and His plan. John truly shows “the shape of Godliness.”
Pastor Lynne Hammond
Living Word Christian Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

John Shiver calls on over 30 years of ministry experience in thousands of meetings and
dozens of denominations around the world to bring this timely and prophetic word to the
modern Church. Its sober message is provocative, balanced, and challenging. It will be a
blessing to many in the Body of Christ and may it spark a fresh desire for holiness,
reverence, and the fear of God in our nation again. I highly recommend this book to any
Christian who truly has a sincere desire for a deeper and more intimate walk with the
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Christ For All Nations
Orlando, Florida

The revivalist Charles G. Finney remarked, “There will never be a revival until
somebody makes particular efforts for this end”. Thank you, John, for your particular
effort to bless the Body of Christ with this timely publication. Biblical, anointed,
convicting, and passionate–this vital message calls for prayerful study and assimilation.
I recommend it wholeheartedly as a MUST to everyone who hungers for a Heaven-sent
holiness revival.Gunter Krallmann, Ph.D.
Author, Teacher, Speaker
Youth With A Mission

John has presented us with a work that is very provoking and full of truth that the Church
needs to embrace and hear. I know John to be a man who is very passionate about the
Body of Christ and therefore know that this book is written from a heart filled with the
compassion of God. I recommend every leader and person in the Body of Christ read this
book with an open mind and heart. God’s Word must be the plumb line and compass for
the Church. Yes John, we MUST have revival!
Pastor Jerry McKinnon
El Bethel Church
Hazlehurst, Georgia


John Shiver has been a personal mentor to me for many years. This book is born out of a
deep-rooted love for God’s glory, honor, and Word. John exposes a dangerous
atmosphere which is evident in some segments of today’s church, where irreverence,
deception, and in some cases outright rebellion, is tolerated. Every leader in the body of
Christ needs to read this book.
Pastor Michael Peterson
Sr. Pastor Maranatha Fellowship
Nappanee, Indiana