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“Many Christians do not really understand the
awesome power and limitless resources of what
is being referred to when we speak of God’s
“glory.” Though the word is quite common in Christian terminology,
even in our music and hymns, many have never
come to see the tremendous blessing that is being described
when the word “glory” is used.
Glory has many varying shades of meaning depending
upon its context within the Scriptures. It can be a reference
to having great honor, esteem, and wealth. Within this context,
it is used as a word that describes a person having
tremendous respect and worth in the eyes of men. It is also
a word of adoration used to describe “great majesty, honor,
praise, and power.” In this function, it is used to describe
the process of giving “praise and worship” to another.
There are many references in Scripture to “glory” being
used in this way, toward God and sometimes toward men.

Glory can be a negative factor if “glory” is something that
people are seeking in a prideful manner—exalting themselves
in the eyes of others in their attempt to gain and
maintain the approval of men in this world.
But for the purposes of our study in this book, we are going
to look at only one meaning of the word “glory.” In the
course of our study here, “glory” will refer to the manifested,
tangible, experiential presence of Almighty God as
He is revealed and demonstrated in the earthly, natural